Sunday, July 25, 2004

Book Fair

The only exhibition that I really interested is Book Fair.
Every year, there is a book fair at jakarta.
Now, Gramedia, one of the famous publisher, had their own exhibition at Senayan.
I went there with Pooh.
At the first stand, there was an imported book. The familiar name as Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill etc was opened the stand there. And there was a familiar book that i've seen before.
I compare the price before discount and after discount with the dealer that i ever buy before.
Waooo.... the global marketing costs Rp. 187.500... (I bought it last week Rp. 110.000), Principles of Marketing 10th edition costs Rp. 197.500 (compare with my price Rp. 110.000), and lots of books there.... I compare it with my dealer, and the result was : My dealer is very very cheap!!!!!
Then I went to the another stand. All books there had a 20 - 70% discount...
I bought "How to make a cake"... yummy.........although my Pooh do not like cake....
So.. exhibition is not the cheapest place to buy something.... may be you can get the cheapest at someplace......

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