Monday, July 05, 2004

Election Day

Today is the election day for Indonesian people wherever they live.
Today is the 2nd time election for this year. Last April, Indonesian citizen had an election for DPR or you can call 'legislatif'. So today, we have an election for President and Vice President.
There is 5 aspirant *calon* who join the competition.
No one can't predict who gonna win the election. Because in here, where there was an campaign, lot of people came, just for receive an advantage from the campaign, like a free t-shirt, free souvenir-sticker, cap, also free lunch *nasi bungkus* during the campaign.
So where was the campaign, there was a lot of people there.
I went to election location *di tempatnya pak RT* alone. because i waited for my parents first.
There's some people there, and only 5 people who use their rights to elect. *Udah sepi, udah pada pulang, karena mulainya jam 7 pagi, sedangkan aku datangnya udah jam 10*
1.00pm is time to counting the result. At my community, SBY is the top of the result, at 2nd place is Mega.
Final result until this day (National result) shown that SBY get more than 33,7% of national result.
Is SBY win the competition or going to 2nd round election next september if the aspirant can not fulfill the 50% requirement????
Want to know the final result? just wait and see..............

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