Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Today.. tuesday july 6,2004 is the busiest day i think.
I must give the final score for examination this semester to academic departement.
I means that it's the final score for my student this semester. Although they study hard (maybe), some student failed the final score (nilai D bo.........)
So from morning thru lunch, i worked hard for thinking about the score.
Me & my Pooh use the computer responsive *bergantian maksudnya...*
During filling the score, Pooh ask me whether I want to join the fitness with him or not.
I interested, but until that time i'm not fill the application. so i hurry to go to fitness room, near my building, then fill the application. Not to expensive, but enough for lecturer *fasilitas dooong*
Afternoon. Pooh went to Citra land, to buy fitness suit. and he came later than us.
Me & Atid entered the fitness room first. Waaaaaooooooo lots of guys there. But kita cuek aja.
First we trying a treadmill. Hmmmm it's easy....
I use the treadmill for 30 minutes. Then trying the stand-cycle.
Until 20.00pm, we went out. And looking for Chicken Porridge (aduuuh bubur ayam lagi, favoritnya Atid......)
Then we went home... adowwwww pegel semua kakinya...............

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