Sunday, July 11, 2004

Mega Mall

Woke up in the morning then preparing for went to church.
My dad did not join us together. He said that his stomach still not on the good condition.
After that we went to Mega Mall. JJ wanted to buy a small cabinet for his DVD.
Time is going to 11.30. I asked my mom to had our lunch first. Because this morning I only drink a glass of chocolate milk. *Laper, tau gakkkk?!?!?*
But JJ had an argument that we should went to supermarket first. *mati gue.....lapernya itu loh*
You know that, if mom & JJ shopping, they always walking around all of the supermarket with the trolley. *udah mau pingsan rasanya*
Then, it takes about 2 hours. *Whoa... udah siap yang namanya ambulance????*
So I asked mom again to hurry. I really hungry.
JJ went to cashier, and pay for all he bought, then went to parking centre for put the shopping bags. Me & mom went to 4th floor, looking for a restaurant.
Then we had a decision to try our lunch at Metropolitan Restaurant.
It's good. But too much guest there. So we're at waiting list.
We try a package, a chicken with butter sauce, eggs in tomatoes sauce and mixed vegetables.
Mom said it's not to bad. It's good!
Then we're walking around Mega Mall again.... *huh* untung udah isi bensin, jadi ada sedikit tenaga baru........

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