Tuesday, July 13, 2004

New Look

today I cut off my hair lhooooo...
its because i think i do not like long hair. I prefer middle.
I went to Citra Land Mall looking for a new stylish.
I didn't went to Bejo, my private stylish at Taman Anggrek, coz right now the price is too high.
From 6.5000 when he was a junior, 75.000, 90.000, 100.000 and right now... 125.000 because he become a top stylish at Peter Saerang Salon MTA.. *huh*
But if he have a plan to open his private salon, I think i change my mind.......i'll be back to Bejo.....

There's not much choice at CL. The best is Peter (of course, sekalian promosi), then Johny Danuarta... Brown Salon Rudy Hadisuwarno, then Johny Andrean and the last Yopie. There's another salon named Johny Andrean Training Centre
I choose Danuarta salon. It's not expensive i think. 40.000 for cut & blow.
so.. i have a new look yach....
cute ?!?!?! *v*
he he he.........

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