Thursday, July 15, 2004


Today, I have a plan to go to gym after working hours.
Then I started to change clothes, and went to gym.
Today's instructor was Ade.
He watch over the member. Then when I'm finish doing treadmill & cycling,
he asked me whether I interested to play a fitness appliance like Atid yesterday.
Really, I never use the things before. Then the teach me how to use it.
Look like easy..... just up and down with our legs.
OK, c'mon try it... he said. For first time, please doing it 4 x 12 times!
I, two , three, four..... till ten it's easy. But when started 11 till 20, my leg is painfull.
Oooohhhhh.... he still watching & counting what 'm doing.. oh no........but he still counting till 48.
Ooooh, i'm very tired....
I think my legs will be painfull till 4 days later.........
Wadaoooo pegelnya hari ini setelah fitness....
Dipaksa sama instructornya sehhh.........

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