Friday, July 02, 2004

Pizza Crispy Cheese

Friday, July 02, 2004, Me, Vicky, Vita, Penny had our lunch at Pizza Hut Taman Anggrek.
We interested to try their new Crispy Cheese Pizza. So, Vita order the Medium Super Supreme, 4 glass of lemon tea, and one portion of salad.
We should waiting 15 minutes for the Pizza. Waiting for the Pizza, I put the salad on the salad bowl, and make it like a cone. First i put the potatoes, pickles, carrots,cabbage,macaroni,beans,corn,then pinneaple, lettuce,scrambled eggs, tomatoes,and last, put thousand island and blue cheese on the top. What a big cone!!
When the Pizza arrived, everyone looked at the pizza and had their own comment. Vicky said that contains of the crispy cheese pizza is fewer than the regular one. Penny loves the cheese around the pizza. I said its too salty.
After that, Penny called the waiters for the bill.
Oopsssss... I think it's really expensive for one medium crispy cheese super supreme, 4 glass lemon tea , one portion of salad. We should pay Rp. 100.500.....

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