Friday, July 09, 2004

Wimar Witoelar & Platinum

Any connection between them??
No... so we talk about Wimar first...
Yesterday morning there was a Public Relation seminar at Auditorium 2nd floor at TSM.
so i joined this opportunity to heard what kind of seminar this was.
Audience is more than expected. The auditorium was full! Lecturers were standing at the coridor. The topic was so interested, so was the seminar. Wimar made everyone enjoy the situation. So did I, although my foot is PEGEL.....berdiri 2 jam boooooooo.....

Platinum, sounds like a something very expensive or prestigious?
No... you're wrong....
It just a name of a restaurant at Citra Land Mall. Segemented for young people who need a good place for lunch, dinner, meeting. etc.
Price? Not very expensive... *cukup lah yaw buat kantong anak muda* between 10.000 - 25.000 per portion. (comparing with Tamani Cafe and Wien Cafe, which more expensive and larger portion)
But we must be patient if we came there at lunch time, dinner time, coz we must queing outside about 15 - 30 minutes.
Some of the menu is delicious enough i think. Trully, I do not like fast food menu at all. I prefer 'home cooking' by my mom. *sayur lodeh, sayur asem,tempe bacem, sayur bayam..* hmmmmmmmmm - no one can beat my mom!!
Yesterday, Vita, Vq, Me, Dini, Rosita, Dewi & Aan ate at Platinum. Vq order Chicken Mozarella, Vita- Chicken Gordon Blue, Me- Chicken with margarine sauce, Dini prefer Hot Chicken sauce, Rosita- black pepper sirloin steak.--- there i can remember. I forget Aan's & Dewi's....
After that, I went back to campus.

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