Sunday, August 08, 2004

Birthday Party

Today, we have a invitation card from Maria, friends of us. Her son celebrate his 1st birthday party!
We just think what we're gonna bring for 1 year old son.
Everybody must came with toys. We want something different.
Pooh said that may be it's better to bring a lunch set for him.
So, we went to hypermarket.
There's a lot of lunch set with funny pics. A Mickey, Snoopy, Forever frieds, Winnie The Pooh, Baby Mickeys.
Pooh said that maybe it's good to buy a pooh birthday lunch set. So we bought a plate, spoon & fork, mug,small bowl and soup bowl. It's not so cheap as you think. *lumayan mahal*
Then we went to Cibubur, Kota Wisata.
Arrived there, lots of people there. But Hansen is sleep. He's tired.
So.. we getting home earlier....!

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