Friday, August 13, 2004

Mall Taman Anggrek

Today, we've a plan to go to Mall Taman Anggrek (MTA) after finish our lunch.
I deliver Mama, Fuji & Koji there.
They are very happy to go to MTA.
Fuji work at Replay's boutique at Japan, she's really expressed when she found a cheaper price at jakarta for the same cloth.
so.. she decided to buy some of the replay's clothes where discount price available till 70%.
we walk away around MTA & found a lot if interesting places to go.
Fuji & Koji said that they need more time to walk away around the shopping mall.
Fuji said that she want an ice cream. So i told them that at 4th floor, there is a New Zealand Ice Cream, that more delicious than Baskin Robins.
Mama agreed with me. So we ordered 4 cups of fruity ice cream and sat near foodcourt to watched at ice skating area.
There was some player there, from a little girl with her instructor till the teenager. No adult player there.
Finish eating our ice cream, we decided to buy an porridge at Ta'Wan Restaurant at basement. Luckily, after we ordered the chicken porridge, the restaurant manager decided to close the front door, and placed the "CLOSE" announcement at the glass door.
Some of the guest who want to entered the restaurant looking confused,why at this time (4.00pm) they closed.
The manager said that the exhaust fan at the kitchen is broken, so they need a time to repaired it. And the manager suggest to eat at the nearest place, Citra Land Mall.
I'm looking my watch for more than 10 times. Oh no.. it's time for me to go to STIE, coz I've class there at 18.30.
Our order came, then I hurry went to parking building, and delivered Mama, Fuji & Koji going back home. then I went to STIE as soon as possible.
*huh*.. what a exhausting day......

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