Saturday, August 14, 2004

Souvenir shopping

after finished my job this morning I've a plan to deliver Fuji & Koji to Citra Land Mall.
They decided to buy some souvenir for their friends & relatives there, showing that they're from Indonesia.
Koji always said 'yasui' means cheap for every things price that he compare to Yen (Japan Currency).
We arrived at batik Keris, one of tenant at CL Mall.
First, they choose a Batik Tablecloth, they pick some. Then a plate & mug mat. Then t-shirt, key holder, wallet, and a lot of souvenir there. When the cashier counting all the price, its only Rp. 1.240.000, around 17.700 Yen. At Japan, it's a few things.

Pooh came at 12.00, then we ate at Food Court. Koji & Fuji try a Soto Bening (Clear Oxtail Soup) and Soto Madura (Coconut Milk Meat Soto), Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice), Ayam Bakar (Chicken Roasted). I just choose a Guded (A young jackfruit with coconut milk and skin chips), Pooh choose a hot chicken roasted.
Pooh bought a glass of Es Cendol. But Koji said it's too amai (terlalu manis...) They like Indonesian food very much.

After that Pooh proposed to go to Golf Riverside, to show his villa there. Arriving there, koji & fuji like the situation. Yoto did not forget to go to Golf Driving Range, one of Koji favourites places.
And he like the driving range so much. he said that some day, he want to play there.....

At the way back to Jakarta, Fuji said that she want to swimming at Ciputra Hotel. Pooh said that it's too late to go swim. But they wan to. So, i deliver them to swimming pool. The did not believe until they're at water.. it's samui.... (dingin....).. emang enaaakkk????

I just waiting for them beside the pool with ate a banana split ice cream... hmmmmm yummy.

After finished swimming, we're going home. It takes Bajaj. the public transportation that can not found at Japan.
Koji said that he feel shaking when he sat at Bajaj. ha ha ha!

At night, Koji & Fuji wants to go to PIK cafe at Pantai Indah Kapuk.
Because i'm too tired, i decided not to join them. Pooh delivered me.

Oh no.... the rain fall down around 11.00pm..
i can not imagine all the guest there, who watch a live band....

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