Saturday, February 11, 2006

What a headache today!

Whuaaaaaa... rasanya kepala mau pecah hari ini.
Gimana enggak, first, pagi2 tugas sudah menanti di kampus F, my class can not be cancelled. (Of course can not, because this is my priority!!)
Then, Mr Venny called me not to forget to change Mr Rizan position this afternoon.
Oh My God.
My class at F end at 13.00, but the other is begin at 12.15. How comes????
I hate it!
Actually, i've an agreement with Mr Rizan, who's share my class. He teach until UB1, then i continue till UAS. But he prefer to join CPNS test this saturday.
So, i call mr venny, let him know that i can not be there before 12.15. May be i came late. More than 14.00. It' s jakarta man..............
At class.........there's third headache, there was a bazaar and band competition at le lobby. Oh my God..........the speaker is so loud, so i don't know whether the student hear my voice or not. Forget it!!!!!!!!!! (I never know why that campus always using lobby for their activities like bazaar, music competition, wedding celebration, which always using a speaker!!)
I want to complain the academic departement. It's so noisy, disturbing any class!!!!
The fourth headache was the traffic when i finished my class. Toll road was very crowdes. But i must pick up my Pooh Bear at his course place. I reach there for more than 45 minutes. Some place that i can reach at 20 minutes!!!
Frankly, kaki gue pegellllll buanget..... karena injek kopling terus!!!
And, one thing that i really affraid was........when i'm at Tomang, below the flyover... waiting for traffic lamp......he he he.....I'm afraid with the trucks or cars passed away at the flyover, because yesterday, a 40 feet container, fell down!!!!

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