Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bobo Fair 2010

Here comes Bobo fair 2010.
To completed this school holiday at June 13-July 11 2010, Bobo, one of "oldest" child weekly magazine, was organized an exhibition for children at JHCC Assembly Hall, Senayan, Jakarta.
And we went there at July 3, 2010 at 10.00 am.
Tickets only Rp. 10.000, and got supplement two former Bobo magazine.

Lots of counter participated at that exhibition. From baby counter, which sold baby equipment and toddler, kids equipment, such as dress, party dress, carnival dress, colourful t-shirt with funny words, school equipment, such as water bottle, bags, stationery, educational books, and toiletry equipment for kids, which have a cartoon or tv character. Also foods, like popcorn, biscuits, candy, childs supplement, milks, toothbrush, soap, and anything that kids needed.
Lots of educational courses such as robotics, arts and craft school, science school, join that exhibition.
Some counter also organized painting directly to t-shirt, it cost only Rp. 60.000, if children painting at that counter. If they want to bring the material home, its costs Rp. 70.000.
Bobo also performed their family at "Keluarga Bobo". Who's coming? of course Father, Mother, Bobo, Coreng, Upik and Paman Gembul. They perform a dance at stage. And children looked very enthusiastic...

Raf very interested at Batik making counter, where children can painting with "canting", traditional batik paintbrush, at a piece of material (about 30x 30 cm). Then the official help to colouring the material into the bucket contains with blue or red colour. (This is dying and colouring process of batiks).
After processed, here comes the finished batiks painting that children was painted before, and can bringing home.

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