Saturday, July 31, 2004


Waiyoooooo gile... dari kemarin sore gue dikejar -kejar sama client gue yang ngasih proyek.
Aduh, gue bingung buanget. Soalnya gue terus terang gak bisa nerusin kerjaan kalo databasenya belum dikasih sama yang ngolah data. haslnya.. ya temen gue yang ngolah data gue kejar-kejar.
Ternyata hari itu dia gak bawa pula disketnya. Aduuuuuuuh mati aku.
Cari pinjeman laptop kesana kemari gak ada yang punya..... gimana donk????
Yang namanya kerja itu ternyata harus sabar. kalo gak ada pinjeman lap-top ya harus tunggu sampai besok dong. Gimana coba? Klien? Gampang...udah aku telepon memberitahukan mereka berhubung gak ada lap top untuk ngerjain, ya mereka harus terima juga risknya. jangan mau seenaknya dong, dikejar deadline sih boleh aja.. tapi be cool!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Book Fair

The only exhibition that I really interested is Book Fair.
Every year, there is a book fair at jakarta.
Now, Gramedia, one of the famous publisher, had their own exhibition at Senayan.
I went there with Pooh.
At the first stand, there was an imported book. The familiar name as Prentice Hall, McGraw Hill etc was opened the stand there. And there was a familiar book that i've seen before.
I compare the price before discount and after discount with the dealer that i ever buy before.
Waooo.... the global marketing costs Rp. 187.500... (I bought it last week Rp. 110.000), Principles of Marketing 10th edition costs Rp. 197.500 (compare with my price Rp. 110.000), and lots of books there.... I compare it with my dealer, and the result was : My dealer is very very cheap!!!!!
Then I went to the another stand. All books there had a 20 - 70% discount...
I bought "How to make a cake"... yummy.........although my Pooh do not like cake....
So.. exhibition is not the cheapest place to buy something.... may be you can get the cheapest at someplace......

Saturday, July 24, 2004


Saturday morning, i've an appointment with Jack, to give him a paperwork that i promised him before.
What a long time waiting for him today. Do not know where's he go, because he doesn't have a mobile.
Actually, he's out of town for 3 days.....oooohhhhh.....
I think hard to solve the problem. It must be done next monday... and the data still on Jack.
So i try to call the customer, tell her that we can't meet her next monday...
Aaahh.. she agree with me, coz of she out of town too........
So... work hard for next monday.............................................................

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Today, I've my own class at 18.00 pm.
So this morning I want something to do.
After finishing making a summary for today's lessons, I try to make a cake.
The recipe is from a book that I bought when there was a book exhibition last June.
I preparing the ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter, oven and others.
I try to make 'a new model' from that book.
The result is not dissatisfied. It's good, but a little bit to hard.
Mom said that the flour is too much for 4 eggs.
I agree with her. Coz the texture is too thickly (solid) so the cake is not too tenderize. Ho ho ho.
It's OK. Next time I'll make the better cake.........

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Helping Kids

Sunday, July 18, 2004

today... Febi & Jordy called me
they want me to accompany them at their house.
Febi is in 1st grade at high school now, and Jordy at 5th grade at elementary school.
What a fast moving time.......
I knew them since 9 years ago.... waoooooo...
I love them.... as my own brother.....

Saturday, July 17, 2004


Today, saturday, 17,04 i've an appointment with Rustam, one of book sales in campus.
I ordered an International Marketing by Keegan.
You know why I bought that book?
Two days ago, TSM called me and told me if I have a class at Short Term Class this semester, major in International Marketing.
A week ago, TSM cancelled my Marketing Class.... so I get a little bit panic of course.
I never teach the subject before (Last time i read the book, when i'm a graduate student at 2000) ooopppssssss... what a long time ago yaaaaaaaa.........
So.... I must read that book carefully, although it all in english *Phewwww*
No choice laaahhhhh

Friday, July 16, 2004

Art & Craft Exhibition + Steak Abuba = Nyam-nyam.....

Sorry, the date is wrong,t It's July 16, 2004, FRIDAY...
There is an art-craft exhibition at plenary Hall JHCC.
Atid & me had a plan to watch the exhibition since a week ago. And today, we have an opportunity. But this morning, 9.30. am, Atid call me to let me know that Yudi's mom & brother want to join us. It's OK.
I've a final examination at 14.00 pm at TSM. So I hope i can finish it at 16.00.

17.15 pm. I hurry go to Atid office. But Bulu do not come yet. Wah payah. Gue cape neh berdiri.
Luckily, my Pooh bring a glass of orange juice this afternoon, aaahhh so fresh to drink this time...

17.25 Bulu came. He's look worried , coz there's a traffic at Daan Mogot Street!

17.30 Atid came, and we're hurry to go to JHCC. Coz of Yudi & family wait 4 us at Lapangan Tembak Meat Ball near JHCC ( I imagine... how delicious it is..)

18.00 We entered the exhibition. Me & Atid promise to ourselves not to buy anything. Because we do not preparing money for the exhibition. Just for watching.
There so much etnic seller at there. Materials, accesories, handicraft, souvenirs, etc there. Make us want to buy something. But we promise......NOT TO BUY ANYTHING........

20.30 We went to Steak ABUBA at Cipete Selatan. Far away. Accross lot of traffic jam.
Then we order 3 tenderloin steak, 1 t-bone steak, 1 sirloin, 1 fish steak.
The place is not so big, an old house, the kitchen is outside the house, near the street.
And.. there's a lot of smoke there..... make me must washing my hair this night.....
Atid & me agree that the sauce is not good as Kemang Steak at Haji Nawi Steak. And the portion is very big. The vegetable is not good as Kemang Steak. The potatoes is local and the vegetables (carrot, corn, bean) is local too.
So... we've a comment of this steak, is medium... not to delicious.......

22.00 Going home. We're very tired......

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Today, I have a plan to go to gym after working hours.
Then I started to change clothes, and went to gym.
Today's instructor was Ade.
He watch over the member. Then when I'm finish doing treadmill & cycling,
he asked me whether I interested to play a fitness appliance like Atid yesterday.
Really, I never use the things before. Then the teach me how to use it.
Look like easy..... just up and down with our legs.
OK, c'mon try it... he said. For first time, please doing it 4 x 12 times!
I, two , three, four..... till ten it's easy. But when started 11 till 20, my leg is painfull.
Oooohhhhh.... he still watching & counting what 'm doing.. oh no........but he still counting till 48.
Ooooh, i'm very tired....
I think my legs will be painfull till 4 days later.........
Wadaoooo pegelnya hari ini setelah fitness....
Dipaksa sama instructornya sehhh.........

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Final Exam Part Two

hari ini ada ujian sidang lagi....
Today, my student will facing the examination.
She's look self confidence. She's one of the best student at TSM. Her GPA is more than 3.5 (scale 4). And I hope she will pass the exam once.
But what I'm expected is not reliable. When the other lecturer asked her a simple questions about her paper, she can't answer, although is very easy. know, because she looks like not comfortable, anxious (worried about herself).
It's OK, she know why she's failed....

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

New Look

today I cut off my hair lhooooo...
its because i think i do not like long hair. I prefer middle.
I went to Citra Land Mall looking for a new stylish.
I didn't went to Bejo, my private stylish at Taman Anggrek, coz right now the price is too high.
From 6.5000 when he was a junior, 75.000, 90.000, 100.000 and right now... 125.000 because he become a top stylish at Peter Saerang Salon MTA.. *huh*
But if he have a plan to open his private salon, I think i change my mind.......i'll be back to Bejo.....

There's not much choice at CL. The best is Peter (of course, sekalian promosi), then Johny Danuarta... Brown Salon Rudy Hadisuwarno, then Johny Andrean and the last Yopie. There's another salon named Johny Andrean Training Centre
I choose Danuarta salon. It's not expensive i think. 40.000 for cut & blow.
so.. i have a new look yach....
cute ?!?!?! *v*
he he he.........

Final Exam

Hari ini gue kebagian tugas buat nyidang mahasiswa.
Sidangnya adalah untuk kelulusan dia mendapat gelar sarjana.
Pagi ini gue bareng sama Danet, Dani (Trio D), sometimes Denny, Denni Septa and gue. Pokoknya Trio D lah...
Yang pertama anaknya Danet. Dari awal dia udah tegang duluan.
Mulai ditanya statistiknya dia mulai gak bisa jawab. Ditambah lagi Danet sendiri nanyain teori yang basic aja gak bisa. Waaah jadi tambah marah deh dia. Masa teori dasar aja gak bisa sama sekali, piye thooo????
Akhirnya dengan berat hati dia tidak diluluskan alias mengulang. Nangis deh dia....

Yang kedua, anak gue, Suk Moi. Sebenarnya dia adalah beban terberat gue... yang dari awal sudah punya masalah, 8 kali lebih ganti jurnal, proposalnya ngaco, tulisan and bahasanya ngaco...aaaaahhhhh......gue sangat khawatir dia gak bisa tenang saat maju menghadapi dewan sidang, dia grogi, wah pokoknya segala macam deh.
Ternyata apa yang gue bayangkan salah semua. Dia menjawab dengan begitu tenangnya, santainya, dengan jelas (walaupun bahasanya kacau balau), dan dengan PD.
Akhirnya dia lulus, walaupun dapat C.
Thanks God, gue seneng banget... walaupun keterbatasannya dia, dia berjuang untuk ujian akhirnya. dan ternyata tidak mengecewakan.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Mega Mall

Woke up in the morning then preparing for went to church.
My dad did not join us together. He said that his stomach still not on the good condition.
After that we went to Mega Mall. JJ wanted to buy a small cabinet for his DVD.
Time is going to 11.30. I asked my mom to had our lunch first. Because this morning I only drink a glass of chocolate milk. *Laper, tau gakkkk?!?!?*
But JJ had an argument that we should went to supermarket first. *mati gue.....lapernya itu loh*
You know that, if mom & JJ shopping, they always walking around all of the supermarket with the trolley. *udah mau pingsan rasanya*
Then, it takes about 2 hours. *Whoa... udah siap yang namanya ambulance????*
So I asked mom again to hurry. I really hungry.
JJ went to cashier, and pay for all he bought, then went to parking centre for put the shopping bags. Me & mom went to 4th floor, looking for a restaurant.
Then we had a decision to try our lunch at Metropolitan Restaurant.
It's good. But too much guest there. So we're at waiting list.
We try a package, a chicken with butter sauce, eggs in tomatoes sauce and mixed vegetables.
Mom said it's not to bad. It's good!
Then we're walking around Mega Mall again.... *huh* untung udah isi bensin, jadi ada sedikit tenaga baru........

Saturday, July 10, 2004


Me, kunyit & bulu ke WTC Mang Du.
Kunyit minta temenin beli kado buat co-nya yang b'day sabtu depan.
But dia udah punya angan2 mau beliin selimut Snoopy yang gedhe banget buat co-nya itu.
Tapi biasa.... yang namanya cewe kalo udah ke pusat perbelanjaan, pasti ada aja yang dibeli.
Untung hari ini tidak tergoda sama sekali lhooo... *bangga* cuma satu keinginan gua hari ini, makan kenyang, karena dari pagi belum makan.....
Bulu juga demikian, beli kemeja. Kunyit beli bros ikan paus, beli kaos, beli.. aduh pokoknya belanjaan dia paling buanyak........ *v*
Sebelumnya ke Dusit Hotel dulu, beli CD-R (bukan CDR yang diminum lho, tapi COMPACT DISK!!)
Dasar cewe yach....


Finnally, me & kunyit went to swimming pool at CitraLand hotel.
Udah lamaaaaaa buanget kita gak renang.
Tapi cuma sebentar, karena makin malam kok airnya makin dingin yaaaaa..
akhirnya kita cuma 1 jam aja.
Terus coba makan di waroeng ijo, tanjung duren. kunyit makan ayam saus mentega, aku nasi goreng belacan (enak juga, pake ayam bumbu sate, nanas, ketimun), nyam-nyam. Pake fruit salad juga dong.....
Terus tengokin Mr Poohnya yang lagi sakit dirumahnya.....
Cuma 10 menit doang (doctor's visiting... he he he) udah agak mendingan, tapi masih pucat & gak enak makannya...........

Friday, July 09, 2004

Wimar Witoelar & Platinum

Any connection between them??
No... so we talk about Wimar first...
Yesterday morning there was a Public Relation seminar at Auditorium 2nd floor at TSM.
so i joined this opportunity to heard what kind of seminar this was.
Audience is more than expected. The auditorium was full! Lecturers were standing at the coridor. The topic was so interested, so was the seminar. Wimar made everyone enjoy the situation. So did I, although my foot is PEGEL.....berdiri 2 jam boooooooo.....

Platinum, sounds like a something very expensive or prestigious?
No... you're wrong....
It just a name of a restaurant at Citra Land Mall. Segemented for young people who need a good place for lunch, dinner, meeting. etc.
Price? Not very expensive... *cukup lah yaw buat kantong anak muda* between 10.000 - 25.000 per portion. (comparing with Tamani Cafe and Wien Cafe, which more expensive and larger portion)
But we must be patient if we came there at lunch time, dinner time, coz we must queing outside about 15 - 30 minutes.
Some of the menu is delicious enough i think. Trully, I do not like fast food menu at all. I prefer 'home cooking' by my mom. *sayur lodeh, sayur asem,tempe bacem, sayur bayam..* hmmmmmmmmm - no one can beat my mom!!
Yesterday, Vita, Vq, Me, Dini, Rosita, Dewi & Aan ate at Platinum. Vq order Chicken Mozarella, Vita- Chicken Gordon Blue, Me- Chicken with margarine sauce, Dini prefer Hot Chicken sauce, Rosita- black pepper sirloin steak.--- there i can remember. I forget Aan's & Dewi's....
After that, I went back to campus.

Thursday, July 08, 2004


Hari ini, dosen & karyawan tetap pada gathering ke kebun teh di Puncak.
Pooh ikut juga, walaupun sebenarnya dia agak malas *malas bangun pagi????*
So, dia ikutan juga. Janjinya sih gak bawa HP and Tas, katanya BERAT.
Kan hikingnya 4 km...
Eh gak nyangka ternyata jam 12 lewat dikit my HP bunyi.
Isinya SMS singkat banget... dia memberitahukan kalo dia minta di jemput di kampus ntar sore, dia flu berat dan udah gak kuat jalan. Plus minta dikerokin. *Waaaaaaahhh ?!??!?!*
Ya udah, aku sekalian fitness aja dikampus. Sekalian pick up dia. Bener dah.. udah teler habis..Kacian juga sih, tapi ya gimana dong????? Dinnernya cuma bubur + kecap juga. Pake acara muntah segala..
Aduh waktu dikerokin aku malah gak tega, ada Zebra pindah kerumah. merah semua. Demamnya tinggi, 37,5 waktu diukur pake thermometer.
Laen kali kalo udah tahu gak enak badan ya gak usah ikutan hiking kenapa??????!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Early in the morning, Pooh came to office, doing exercise *fitness* until 10.00 am. Busetttt lama amat, ngapain aja dia...
I still worked, make an examination for next 15 July test.
Then went to STIE, pick the label. And went home as soon as possible, because kakinya Pooh pegellllll...................

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Today.. tuesday july 6,2004 is the busiest day i think.
I must give the final score for examination this semester to academic departement.
I means that it's the final score for my student this semester. Although they study hard (maybe), some student failed the final score (nilai D bo.........)
So from morning thru lunch, i worked hard for thinking about the score.
Me & my Pooh use the computer responsive *bergantian maksudnya...*
During filling the score, Pooh ask me whether I want to join the fitness with him or not.
I interested, but until that time i'm not fill the application. so i hurry to go to fitness room, near my building, then fill the application. Not to expensive, but enough for lecturer *fasilitas dooong*
Afternoon. Pooh went to Citra land, to buy fitness suit. and he came later than us.
Me & Atid entered the fitness room first. Waaaaaooooooo lots of guys there. But kita cuek aja.
First we trying a treadmill. Hmmmm it's easy....
I use the treadmill for 30 minutes. Then trying the stand-cycle.
Until 20.00pm, we went out. And looking for Chicken Porridge (aduuuh bubur ayam lagi, favoritnya Atid......)
Then we went home... adowwwww pegel semua kakinya...............

Monday, July 05, 2004

Election Day

Today is the election day for Indonesian people wherever they live.
Today is the 2nd time election for this year. Last April, Indonesian citizen had an election for DPR or you can call 'legislatif'. So today, we have an election for President and Vice President.
There is 5 aspirant *calon* who join the competition.
No one can't predict who gonna win the election. Because in here, where there was an campaign, lot of people came, just for receive an advantage from the campaign, like a free t-shirt, free souvenir-sticker, cap, also free lunch *nasi bungkus* during the campaign.
So where was the campaign, there was a lot of people there.
I went to election location *di tempatnya pak RT* alone. because i waited for my parents first.
There's some people there, and only 5 people who use their rights to elect. *Udah sepi, udah pada pulang, karena mulainya jam 7 pagi, sedangkan aku datangnya udah jam 10*
1.00pm is time to counting the result. At my community, SBY is the top of the result, at 2nd place is Mega.
Final result until this day (National result) shown that SBY get more than 33,7% of national result.
Is SBY win the competition or going to 2nd round election next september if the aspirant can not fulfill the 50% requirement????
Want to know the final result? just wait and see..............

Sunday, July 04, 2004


Today, July 4, 2004 is my mom's birthday party.
Dad suggested not to buy a birthday cake, because contains lot of butter. Too much butter means cholesterol. And he buy Bika Ambon Medan for her birthday cake.
My mom agree with his suggestion.
Happy Birthday Mom.....

Beginning with going to church with whole family at 6.00 am, after that, JJ treat us at Bakmi Aboen at Pasar Baru. He ate 2 portion of bakmi (what a full stomach....) *gak apa2, badannya gedhe, jadi perlu supply makan extra*

Siangnya Pooh & Mama-san pick me up, then going to Glodok, to buy a gift for my mom's.
She wants a strech pants like she bought before. So I decided to go back to the outlets.
Untungnya.... tokonya masih jual itu celana panjang. And akhirnya aku beli 3 celana plus 1 kaos yang seperti dia inginkan. Model sekarang.
Gak nyangka, ternyata Mama-san juga kepingin celana panjangnya dan kaosnya yang agak berkerut-kerut.. whaaa.. bisa samaan dong sama mami........ but gak apa-apa, yang penting keren......and modis. Ya kan ma?

Saturday, July 03, 2004


Sabtu sore...
Habis anterin mama pulang kerumah, Pooh & aku jemput temennya yang katanya mau pulang kampung (padahal cuma libur 4 hari doang!). Dia udah beli tiket pesawat beberapa hari yang lalu. But karena dia gak tahu cara beli tiket yang murah, akhirnya dia kena 339 ribu untuk one way ke surabaya. Mahal yach? Padahal bisa lho dapat tiket yang cuma 195ribu!
Tunggu didepan rumahnya, temannya gak keluar- keluar. Pooh mulai sebel. Ditelponlah temannya itu ke HPnya. Belum muncul juga. Waaah jangan- jangan dia pake acara pamitan dulu sama semua tetangganya, sama Pak RT, pak RW, sama pake acara sungkeman segala *hi hi hi*
Akhirnya temennya muncul juga. Pake jaket baru (baru 3 hari beli), pake topi pet, pake polo tshirt La Bette, pake sepatu keren. Buseeeet mau kemana sih dia? Pokoknya lengkap deh! Bawa 2 tas pula. satu tas kerja (yang ternyata isinya sembako buat istrinya- gula-minyak) dan yang satu lagi travel bag. (Gua gak tau dah, pada saat masuk elevator scanner berjalan, tas yang isi sembako kelihatan apanya) ;p
Setibanya di Bandara, ternyata penerbangannya masih 1,5 jam lagi. Whua... akhirnya dia check in dulu. Pake salah lagi! Udah tahu counternya itu banyak banget, mbok ya dibaca dulu satu persatu, mana counter ke Surabaya. Dia main check in di counter Lampung. Mana petugasnya dodol juga, travel bagnya diterima begitu aja& mau diberi security sticker. Dari luar Pooh & aku ketawa terbahak2. Lalu ditelpon ke HPnya, jangan2 tujuannya Surabaya, nyasarnya ke Way Kambas tempat sekolah Gajah lagi... hua ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.........
Menyadari kesalahannya, dia pura-pura bego *seperti biasanya* dan dengan senyum-senyum dia pindah ke counter sebelah......
After that dia laper, akhirnya karena di term 1 hanya ada AW sama Dunkin, kita makan AW aja. Rasanya ya gitu deh, biasa aja.
Setelah itu dia Boarding, (semoga aja gak salah lagi pesawatnya, karena sore itu ada penerbangan ke Lampung, Makasar, Sorong).
Trus kita tinggal pulang... wha ha ha ha ha ha

Friday, July 02, 2004


Massage or "Pijat Tradisional" is one of my Pooh favourite things.
Today, after went to Riverside Golf, Pooh & Mama went to Elles at Pantai Indah Kapuk area.
Pooh decided to had a hair creambath and cut off his hair. Meanwhile mama, had a massage at 2nd floor.
It's a second time for mama doing the massage. And she feel so comfortable.......
Ohh nyamannya... habis dipijat, mandi air hangat, trus bobo............ aaaarrrrgghhhh... zzzzz zzzz zzzzz zzzzzzzzzz

Pizza Crispy Cheese

Friday, July 02, 2004, Me, Vicky, Vita, Penny had our lunch at Pizza Hut Taman Anggrek.
We interested to try their new Crispy Cheese Pizza. So, Vita order the Medium Super Supreme, 4 glass of lemon tea, and one portion of salad.
We should waiting 15 minutes for the Pizza. Waiting for the Pizza, I put the salad on the salad bowl, and make it like a cone. First i put the potatoes, pickles, carrots,cabbage,macaroni,beans,corn,then pinneaple, lettuce,scrambled eggs, tomatoes,and last, put thousand island and blue cheese on the top. What a big cone!!
When the Pizza arrived, everyone looked at the pizza and had their own comment. Vicky said that contains of the crispy cheese pizza is fewer than the regular one. Penny loves the cheese around the pizza. I said its too salty.
After that, Penny called the waiters for the bill.
Oopsssss... I think it's really expensive for one medium crispy cheese super supreme, 4 glass lemon tea , one portion of salad. We should pay Rp. 100.500.....

Korean Brand

Friday, July 02, 2004

After finishing all the job today, I went to Mega Mall with Pooh at 4.00pm.
We planned to buy a new rice cooker for Pooh's mom.
Its because the last rice cooker not warm again inside. We don't know why, but it was repaired about two month ago. Pooh bought the rice cooker about one year ago. --pendek banget ya umurnya, belom lama dipake dah rusak----
We asked the sales girl to compare some brands. I told her that mom's is Sanken, Korean brand i thought. But after heard her explanation, it's not Korean. It's local brand similary looks like Koreans. And she suggest to buy Japan's brand like National or Sharp.
So we decided to buy National, Japan's made. I believe that Japan's made is more strength and the quality is more than the others. Pooh mom's surprising received her new rice cooker.
That case is similar with my friends who used a Hyunday, Korean's car. The machine is broken when she pick up office guest at airport toll road. Secondly, when pick up guest at Sari Pasific Hotel, the clutch is broken. Third at Anyel toll road. Fourth at... I don't know how many times it was broken. So her boss never believe Korean Car anymore....although cheaper than Japan's....
Do you still believe Korean's??? He he he....
I don't !!